Less Math, More Chemistry

A recent study published by The Association of Psychological Science goes a long way toward debunking many of the grandiose claims made by internet dating sites with regard to the efficacy of their algorithms. In Online Dating: A Critical Analysis from the Perspective of Psychological Science, Dr. Eli Finkel, professor of social psychology at Northwestern University, asserts that “to date, there is no compelling evidence any online dating matching algorithm actually works.” Professor Finkel and his fellow researchers analyzed a significant host of dating sites and evaluated their algorithmic claims of compatibility. Most sites make promises they cannot keep and instead of offering scientifically valid algorithms, they offer a pool of potential suitors and some personal data. What internet dating does offer is opportunity by giving such range and access.

At findyourfacemate.com, our revolutionary algorithm bypasses all the promises based on similar likes or shared passions and goes right to the necessity of chemistry. We know our clients are smart enough to determine for themselves whether they are potentially compatible. Our evolving proprietary algorithm is uniquely designed to generate matches based on one criterion; shared facial features. Once an attraction is established, clients are free to explore their compatibility on their own; we just provide opportunities and options, because as Dr. Finkel notes, “At the end of the day, the human algorithm — neural tissue in our cranium called a brain — has evolved over a long period of time to size up people efficiently.” Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at MIT currently researching algorithms concludes “the sites are claiming a lot, but show no evidence of doing anything useful in terms of matches.”

Because we at FYFM are so new and still relatively small, we were not part of the aforementioned research and we feel confident that our unique algorithm offers our clients a lot more than promises, we offer real faces and real opportunities.

Above are photos used by other dating websites to showcases their matches. These couples were statistically very lucky. But note how similar they look! For more look-a-like couples, just glance at the weddings page of the New York Times every Sunday in the Style section, it’s uncanny!


One Response to “Less Math, More Chemistry”

  1. Samuel Anderson Says:

    Why don’t any of your face matchws match mine?

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