The Gestalt Theory of Attraction

The concept of gestalt is an evocative one; it’s been a pivotal point of exploration in fields as diverse as psychology, philosophy and neurology. The term itself references ‘form’ or ‘shape.’ The principle behind gestalt is the unity of perception, the holistic idea that we are physiologically prone to seeing the whole rather than the distinct parts; the human eye sees objects in their entirety prior to seeing any individual parts. This is enormously significant in the arena of romantic attraction.  Often there is something almost indescribable about the qualities of the person to whom we are most drawn. We have evidence that supports our claim that people are most attracted to those with similar facial features, but it is often an overall impression and one that can be difficult to describe.

I have been researching and reflecting upon this theory for over 15 years and I used to spend a great deal of time looking at specific features and evaluating similarities among various partners. There were times, however, when the similarity was so obvious but it could simply not be reduced to eyes, cheekbones or mouth. There was something more than the parts; the similarity was in the whole.  It became abundantly clear to me when I saw stunning photos of my grandfather when he was young. There was an undeniable resemblance to my ex-husband – one so striking that it could not be reduced to features. Hence, the application of gestalt theory to physical attraction.

It’s something so unified and holistic that it cannot be easily atomized. The similarity is found in the grouping of features, the entire pattern. We, at FYFM, have an algorithm to discern similarities but when individuals are attracted to someone, they see the face as a whole and, more often than not, they have a similar face, whether they are aware of it or not. Our brains signal our eyes to take in the unified, and the face as a whole is even greater than its parts.

Keep that in mind in your search for a partner who can help make you more whole.

Above and below are descendants of Benjamin Franklin. Over the course of several generations; note the overall similarity in the faces of the couples.


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