Close But No Cigar

One of the many discoveries made during my years of observation is that people often choose mates who might be similar in some ways but who are not a facial feature match. This is likely because our instincts are to be in a relationship; but since we don’t know what a truly compatible partnership can offer, we engage someone who is “close enough.”  A good example is J-Lo and Marc Anthony. The upper portion of their faces is similar but the lower/jawline area is not at all. Their stresses were obviously not just face related, but no doubt their satisfactory match made sustainability much more challenging.

There is both an art and a science to the chemistry people feel and getting it just right can be luck.  I have known couples that are similar but not a good enough match to sustain a truly committed long term relationship. Sometimes it takes a few tries before we find our face matches. Some are lucky enough to meet their match early in life, but many have a series of shorter relationships with those with whom they have just enough chemistry and compatibility to get them only so far.

They may not be a good match because what’s lacking is complete chemistry, the sort of deep and abiding desire that is usually found between really well matched facemates.

To complement my observations and the anecdotal evidence we at FYFM have collected are a host of scientific studies which corroborate our claims and assert that similarity is a fundamental ingredient.

One of the unique and important contributions that FYFM makes to the world of online dating is that we help people select partners with whom they are more likely to have the chemistry critical for romantic success.  We hope to save people the time and energy it takes to wade through a series of potential partners and zero in much sooner on dates that promise real attraction. Of course, there are several factors that go into forming a lasting bond, but without facematching, chemistry is lacking!

Above is a line up of the women that Alex Rodriguez has dated in the past few years. Note the uncanny resemblance.

Below are Lance Armstrong and his various partners over the years. You can see how similar they all look and how similar they are to Lance.

He is searching for that perfect match; we hope he found it with Anna Hansen.


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