The Eye of the Beholder

Diane Keaton’s new book, Then Again, has received wonderful reviews and purports to be a fascinating and well-written journey through her life and the life of her mother. In it, Keaton discusses her various love affairs and those relationships that have been most significant in her life. Needless to say, this Hollywood icon has had some very famous lovers and her descriptions of the men and the deep feelings that accompanied those relationships are most revealing.

It seems, despite long involvements with the likes of Warren Beatty and Woody Allen, that the love of her life was Al Pacino, and her intense attraction to him started when she saw his face. She claimed on the Joy Behar show that, “the first thing I noticed about him was his nose. That nose. Those eyes. On that face.” She goes on to say that, “it was the most beautiful thing [she’d] ever seen.” But more than just her passion for Pacino’s face, “there was something familiar to me,” she says. Keaton and Pacino were facemates; their passion was, in part, a product of the subconscious familiarity that is born when we see in someone facial features similar to our own. Keaton did not only see a handsome man, she saw something beyond that, something that evoked the past, her past. Without knowing it, her eyes signaled the portion of the brain that focuses on faces and he “reminded [her] of [her] family.” Charles Darwin called the eye the “organ of extreme perfection.” It does not lie.

It is unlikely that Keaton was searching for her facial feature match, but the intense chemistry she felt helped her locate her facemate. The goal of FYFM is to help you locate yours. Happy holidays to all and wishes for a loving season ahead!

Above: Diane Keaton and Al Pacino from the Godfather; Below: Woody Allen, Al Pacino and Warren Beatty


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