The Flip Side of Love

On a recent episode of The Piers Morgan Show, Kelsey Grammer talked about the dissolution of his last marriage and how he found new love. In a touching confession, he alludes to the power of mutual desire, the intensity that is generated when both parties are equally committed and passionate about their attraction. Grammer says he was willing to give up sex but there was one thing he longed for; “I want someone to kiss me again in my life and mean it.”

The bliss he experiences from having a partner who can give as well as receive love is evident in his sharing of the story of their first meeting. He comes close to tears just referencing that longed for and finally experienced kiss.

There’s a flip side to loving, and that’s being loved. The magic of passion is not in unrequited love or longing for the impossible; the gift of real love is in its being reciprocal. Falling in love, the power of attraction, and the psychological and physiological impact of being in a healthy relationship takes two! Popular culture saturates us with news, information and gossip about who’s in love with whom, but it’s rare that we hear about the blessing of receiving love in return.

What’s so significant about seeking a facemate is that the foundation for a mutual attraction is already laid. Both parties experience the intensity of desire that is born from the chemistry ignited when two people have similar facial features.  Facemates don’t only have a greater likelihood of compatibility and longevity, but of mutuality, as well.

Above: Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh   Below: Jeb and Columba Bush, Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald


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