Love Sees No Color or Ethnicity

In a recent internet tabloid article about FindYourFaceMate, the writer referred to our mission and our theory as ‘crypto-racist.’ Needless to say, we here at FYFM are deeply offended.  We thought a blog dedicated to more fully explaining our vision might be necessary to combat that insulting ignorance.

In direct contrast to that fallacious assertion, the theory behind face matching celebrates and honors cross cultural and interracial romance.  As we’ve repeatedly stated, race and ethnicity have absolutely nothing to do with the potent chemistry that is ignited when people with similar shaped facial features get romantically involved.

It is absurd to reduce similarity to color; that is racist.  There are couples from every possible cross-cultural configuration that share facial features and maintain long term and powerful romantic unions.  We have shown several on previous blogs and we offer some more today;  some we’ve removed hair and color just to highlight the similarities.

The science of face matching is located in the subtly of shape. It is not about size,  it is not about melanin or lack thereof! It is about how features rest on the face in relation to the bone structure and in relation to their other features.

In a world where the legacy of racism is still palpable, interracial coupling is still not as prevalent as those from similar backgrounds. But that is changing and the change is long overdue. All people, regardless of their ethnic or geographic background, share over 99% of the same DNA. Race offers no greater variation than may be found among those with different blood types, eye color, or medical conditions.  Clearly, features are often more similar among members of a family – but just as we patently condemn incest, so, too, with racism.

Racists see the barriers between themselves and others; face matching does not. We have examples from all over the world of people who, not only fell in love with their facial feature matches across racial line but even across language barriers and cultural obstacles; a US soldier who fell madly in love with an Afghani woman, an Israeli and Palestinian who married despite fierce objections, white and black South Africans during apartheid, etc. Romantic attraction, particularly when buttressed by similar facial features, is a force so powerful that not even antiquated social conventions can derail it.  We do not necessarily find love; love finds us. And when it does, it comes with its very real challenges. Just because two people with powerful chemistry and similar background are in love, does not mean that their relationship is pure harmony. Love can be work, but there is no job with a better pay off!

One of the great battles of our time is that between wisdom and bigotry; the theory of face matching is firmly on the side opposing racism.

Above: Heidi Klum and Seal, Iman and David Bowie

Below: Vera Wang and Arthur Becker, Lamar Odom and Kloe Kardashian, Sammy Davis Jr and May Brit


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  1. anil sharma Says:

    yes u r right

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