Style, Style, Style

The much reviled and recent autobiographer Jesse James has been making the talk show rounds lately to discuss his new book and his new life. The man who cheated on America’s sweetheart is starting over.  A year after a very public break up with Sandra Bullock, James is newly engaged. Jesse James may not come off as the most sympathetic character but his story is very illustrative.  Here is a man whose marriage lacked the basic ingredients for sustainability. At Find Your FaceMate (FYFM), we believe that relationships, while founded on physical chemistry, only last when partners have compatible styles and values.

Sometimes we get together with someone whose facial features are similar but not a close enough match.  That was the case with Jesse and Sandra. But facial feature compatibility was not their biggest problem; it was style, an all too often ignored component. Not only are James and his future bride, Kat Von D, very good facial feature matches, they are also very compatible stylistically. Both have a passion and a penchant for tattoos.  Their dress, taste and self-expression are very complementary. Both have public careers in entertainment but far from the sanitized bright lights of Hollywood. During his interviews, James reveals a not so subtle degree of hostility toward the Hollywood lifestyle to which Sandra belonged. And about his new partner, he claims to feel a level of connection he has never known before.  They share much more than facial features and for chemistry to be viable over time, values and styles are critical. Hence, at FYFM, we are the only dating web site that offers a style page to help our clients navigate that degree of compatibility.

It does not matter if you are married to America’s sweetheart or the sexiest guy alive; partnerships are personal and everyone’s perfect and pretty is different. Being married to a great person does not mean you are in a great marriage. If the connection is not there, misery or sabotage often ensue I, by no means, condone infidelity.  On the contrary, the inspiration for this blog and the launch of Find Your FaceMate is to help people avoid the common pitfalls that often result in unsatisfying romances and divorce.  We hope to encourage people to pay careful attention to all the ingredients that make a delicious relationship!


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