The Chemicals of Chemistry

A relationship is only as good as it makes you feel. The initial stages of love are fueled by a series of chemical responses in the brain that give us a high like none other.  Increased levels of dopamine trigger a rush of pleasure while adrenaline accelerates your heart rate. Meanwhile serotonin and norepinephrine generate greater fixation and lust. These are the potent neurological responses of attraction; in other words, the chemicals of chemistry.

But, they cannot be sustained forever. The human body is unable to withstand such a prolonged assault by Cupid’s neurotransmitters.  After the initial stages of love, we settle into a calmer, more neurologically balanced, phase and it is here that the foundations for sustainable love are laid.  But just because we are out of the hyper adrenaline period does not mean that love should not make us feel good. Healthy romances are ones where partners fuel one another’s healthiest and happiest selves. Realistic relationships don’t only consist of bliss and harmony and romance. Couples have stresses and conflicts and real life challenges to navigate. But how we do that offers significant insights into the health and vitality of a relationship. Couples need to resolve their problems with honesty and openness so as to avoid the possibility of resentment and future hostilities. It is almost inevitable that long term couples face the occasional tension or worse, but communication is critical and mutual respect is the hallmark of longevity. Even when our post infatuation chemicals have settled down and we are cozy in our relationships, we should continue to honor and support and appreciate our partners with as much intensity as we did during those early highs. Don’t we want the same from them?

Above: Cheryl Wright and fiance Lauren Blitzer

Below: Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles, Kris Humpheries and Kim Kardashian


3 Responses to “The Chemicals of Chemistry”

  1. Sam Says:

    What are you a blog or a dating service? I had hoped to find a face matcher dating service. How do I get started with you. Since I keep recieving e-mails from you — do I already have a bio on line with you.

    Could someone with your organization please answer my e-mail. Thanks, Sam

  2. Priya Says:

    Hi There
    just wanted to say i enjoyed reading your chemicals of chemisty piece, was a pleaseure to read and what you have said is so very true.
    lovely photos too.

  3. Gordon Wayne Watts Says:

    I researched this in college — and I must tell you that your theory about ‘things in common’ is correct — and that the old ‘opposites attract’ theory is incorrect.

    To see my research, you may visit: or:

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