There are few things more excruciating than a broken heart. Most of us know the searing pain of love lost. And many of us know the healing benefits of love found.  Even when relationships are toxic or partnerships fail, losing someone with whom we had real chemistry is often very hard to get over.  We obsess; we fantasize; we act out and we sometimes romanticize the past. But why is it so difficult to move forward? Once you have profound chemistry with someone, the loss of that person cannot be assuaged by just any new romance. No matter how attentive, loving and kind a new partner might be, if he or she is not a facial feature match, it’s unlikely you will have the attraction necessary to take your mind off a previous love and offer the possibility of new love. In short the, there is no substitute for real chemistry.  And without it, the heart and the eye tend to wander.  Thankfully, people are blessed with more than one facial feature match; and our goal at Find Your Face Mate is to ensure that people are not stuck in the past but afforded the opportunity to move forward, with hope and find sustainable love with a facial feature match and replace the older facial feature partner with the real deal!

Above: Mike Myers and current wife, Kelly Tisdale. Mike Myers and ex-wife, Robin Myers.  Below: Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. Brittany Spears and Jason Trawick.


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