The Healing Power of Love

Love doesn’t only feel good; it’s good for you. Multiple scientific studies have measured the impact of giving and receiving love on our physical and psychological health and the benefits are numerous. The healing power of love is manifest in a variety of ways but let’s focus on perhaps the greatest immune booster of all, romantic love. The combined impact of the neurotransmitter dopamine and the hormone oxytocin which are triggered when we are in love not only conveys pleasure and feelings of euphoria but it also reduces blood pressure, decreases stress and anxiety, shields against disease and usually translates to less risky behavior and greater self care.

Scientific evidence from a variety of studies demonstrates that those who are in loving relationships have fewer colds and decreased incidences of cardiac problems. Dr. Dean Ornish goes so far as to assert that love and intimacy are among the most powerful ingredients for good health.

The National Longitudinal Mortality Study has tracked over one million subjects and concludes that married (or partnered) people live longer and face fewer life threatening illnesses than their single counterparts. Both men and women are significantly less likely to die of heart disease, cancer or suicide, but the benefits for men are even greater. Both have lower cholesterol and body mass index.

The ways that love promotes longevity are myriad and we have yet to calculate them all. What we do know is that love is powerful medicine and one of the best ways we can ensure a healthy mind and body.

For all we are discovering about the healing benefits of love, the challenge of finding love has remained mysterious. Until now.

If love has been eluded you so far, stay tuned for the launch of Find Your Face Mate later this month.

Here’s to good love and good health!


Above Steven Rattner and Maureen White Rattner   Below two couples from New York Times engagement announcements.



6 Responses to “The Healing Power of Love”

  1. Shelby Says:

    I totally believe that this is true. My best friend and I are working on publishing a book about it. We have thought for the past several years that it is something that attracts the opposite to their similar features. Wish I could have gotten to this analogy earlier!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I’d love it if you’d offer a service that allowed people to upload their face and their partner’s face to see if there’s a match… that would be interesting for those of us already in a relationship.

  3. Deidre Says:

    Hey, I totally believe this!! My boyfriend’s aunt always tells us we look like siblings haha. I wanna find a site where I can upload our pictures and see how compatible our faces really are though, like they did on GMA this morning…know of a place?

  4. nora maya Says:

    How does this site work? I don’t get it?

  5. Ronil Says:

    yes…it is true…i really wondered of this for long time.i also find many couples whose facial features were similar. even my sister and her husband look same. and their nature r also same. i used to talk on this subject with my sisters for long time and they also were agree with me….

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