Mystery Solved

In a summer 2009 issue of Women’s Health Magazine, one intrepid columnist seeks to explore the mystery of attraction. In Chemistry Lesson, the writer examines the ingredients necessary to “find and hold onto your soul mate.” The Women’s Health article pays homage to the importance of shared values and common interests but it goes on to recognize that what keeps people together, what makes them “click,” is chemistry. Apparently, in 2009 chemistry was still “enigmatic and intangible” as the article claims.  But evidence and data increasingly reveal the solution to this allusive mystery.  The article subtly alludes to it by quoting doctor of psychology, Kevin Hogan, in his assertion that our choices in partners are often unconscious “because we’re conditioned to like what feels familiar.” But neither the author of the article nor any of the Ph.Ds cited in the article unwrap the precise ingredient that is both unconscious and offers familiarity.

As we’ve discussed facial feature similarity is the flame that keeps the fires of passion burning. It is both the most ancient of instincts and the most revolutionary of ideas. Human evolution was accelerated by the invention and the use of tools. If we utilize this tool I believe we will be much better off in our relationships; with less heartache, less loneliness and less potential to wreak havoc on our families.

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