Facing Love’s Eureka Moment

A Eureka moment is often credited to a single person who has a sudden unexpected revelation, realization or discovery. It is described by scientists as a smart, almost immediate, insight somewhere between and epiphany and an ‘aha’ moment, and it is accompanied by a surge of electrical activity in the brain. But what is becoming more and more evident is that the discoveries and innovations made in these flashes of awareness are circulating through or are generated by networks of people simultaneously. This is a product of both collaborative efforts and of cultural timing. While I blog about an idea about which I have been passionately researching and exploring for many years, more and more people are catching on or discovering it for themselves. Important and/or pertinent ideas are not always ahead of their time; on the contrary, they are often rooted in their time. And the time is apparently ripe to seriously consider the theory of facial feature similarity. It is impossible to calculate the exact ingredients that combine to finally unleash our most powerful ideas but we do know that great ideas are more often incubated in networks or among various groups.

Recently, there have been a spate of magazines, journals and commentaries noting the similarities among current partners or among past and present partners. Gossip magazines often show how one celebrity’s love interest looks uncannily like their previous love interest. Likewise, people are beginning to note when partners themselves resemble each other. On the other end of the spectrum, scientific journals and behavioral biologists are studying the appeal of physical similarities and seeking evolutionary explanations. All of this, whether celebrity gossip or scientific data, serves to buttress my theory and demonstrate the incontestable potency of similar facial feature attraction. There are countless examples entering the public dialogue about relationships and we ought to pay attention to the potent clues they contain. Take, for example, former US Solicitor General Ted Olsen. His deceased wife, Barbara Olsen, who was tragically killed on Flight 77 on September 11, 2001, looked so much like his current wife, Lady Booth Olsen, that people wonder if it’s possible it is the same woman. Certainly, speculators mean no disrespect to the dead; but the similarities are so great that for those unversed in the theory of attraction, it begs the question. The focus tends to be on how similar the two women look and therefore Ted Olsen, like so many others, is said to have a ‘type.’ The next eureka moment will come with the overdue collective revelation that those who seek similar looking people are, in fact, seeking their own facial feature match. This is not simply a ‘type’; this is a hard wired mating instinct and one to which we ought to pay serious attention. At this juncture with shifting cultural norms, finding love and sustainable passion is proving so challenging that we have this realization to offer us guidance and expedite our search. Let’s use it!

Ryan Phillipp, his ex wife, Reese Witherspoon, ex girlfriend, Abby Cornish, and current love interest Amanda Seyfried (above).

Lady Booth Olsen and Barbara Olsen (wives of Ted Olsen); Norman Mailer and Fifth wife, Norris Church; Liam Neeson and his deceased wife’s grandfather, Michael Redgrave;























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