The Artist’s Eye

The Artist’s Eye

I like to think of my theory as embodying both the art and the science of chemistry. Next week we’ll explore the science; here I want to look at the art, through the lens of the artist. It may or may not be true that artists have a special eye, that their visual acuity is elevated in some way, but it is true that visual artists perceives the world in unique and often profound ways. Below are some artists whose keen sensibilities led them into passionate and decades long romantic relationships with their facial feature matches. The playful and vibrant images created by master visual storyteller, Marc Chagall, the haunting and graphic works done by Francis Bacon, and the surreal and suggestive paintings by Salvador Dali, demonstrate vastly different styles. But these fabulously gifted and extremely different painters had one thing in common: each of them had long term and passionate relationships with their partners or wives.  And, as you can clearly see, the facial feature resemblance is uncanny.

The art of romance, however, is not just for the artists. Your eyes, too, can be an invaluable instrument to help you discover your face mate.

Marc and Bella Chagall, Francis Bacon and lover George Dyer, Salvador Dali and wife Gala.


One Response to “The Artist’s Eye”

  1. Abigail Says:

    As a student of art history, I found this blog entry particularly interesting and very cool. These three couples REALLY speak to your theory!!

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