It’s a Numbers Game!!

It’s a Numbers Game

Our dating options and opportunities seem to exponentially decrease as we get older. If you do not stumble upon true love in your twenties, you face slightly narrowed options in your thirties. It can be increasingly difficult by the time we reach our forties and by our fifties and sixties, the pool has shrunk even more and some of us are only wading in a puddle. There are several obvious reasons for this temporal shrinkage, the main one being the declining availability of single people out there.  Simply, as we age, we loose our numerical advantage.

There are factors other than age, however, which impact our options and potentially either enrich or limit our offerings. The art and science of finding your facial feature match is always nuanced and often subtle. But there are some people, I believe, whose faces just have more possible compatible matches than others. It is not that these people are more ordinary looking per se, but they have more common features, which lend themselves to easier matchings. Imagine a continuum of faces; people on both extremes of that spectrum tend to have a harder time finding and sustaining long-term chemistry because there are fewer matches out there for them. This does not make the search futile or the finding impossible, it’s simply that the more unique one’s physical appearance, the less facial feature matches are available.

Beauty, we know, is in the eye of the beholder. And while we may admire someone’s extraordinary beauty (or even lament their unfortunate homeliness) we can see how their field of potential long term partners with whom they have real chemistry, is limited by virtue of the unique shape or configuration of their face. Chemistry does not guarantee sustainability, nor does it ensure mutual love and respect. But chemistry, that potent almost indescribable sensation we get when we are so deeply drawn to someone that we are excited by the mere prospect of seeing them, is one seminal ingredient for long-term commitment.

Again, this is a numbers game, and some people are fortunate enough to excel at it. But like that other compelling numbers game, gambling, it helps to be dealt a great hand. It does not mean you win, but it certainly increases the chances.

I should know, I have an unusually small forehead and it has certainly narrowed the scope of my options!

anna paquin & stephen moyer

ashlee simpson & pete wentz

melanie griffith & antonio banderas

john and cynthia lennon


2 Responses to “It’s a Numbers Game!!”

  1. Bob Says:

    So, the dime-a-dozen faces get the last laugh on the lookers! I always thought it was more a case of Liz Lemon’s theory of commoners settling for one another.

    I always enjoy your unique perspectives on attraction and dating.

  2. Claudia Says:

    Looking for that Special man…

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