It’s the Shape, Not the Size!

It’s the Shape and Not the Size.

Not all happy couples look alike; some find other ingredients in their partnerships to keep them together. But for those who have passionate relationships, predicated in part on profound chemistry, there is most often a resemblance. But what one looks for may not be patently obvious. My years of observation have led me to conclude that shape is more important than size.  Look for the shape of the mouth and lips, the jaw line, the forehead and the general shape of the face. Interestingly, the nose is of little relevance. Often men have bigger faces than women so size is not usually the best yardstick by which to judge similarity. There are instances, of course, where sizes are similar and that just adds to the overall compatibility quotient.

To the untrained eye, similarity can sometimes be difficult to discern, especially when there is a significant weight difference or one partner is balding and the hairline has shifted. Below are examples of faces with very similar shaped features but not always compatible sizes.  I am particularly intrigued by these examples because they might unlock some of the clues we need to fine-tune our understanding of this potent phenomenon. I wish I could conduct a study to evaluate the success of long term partnerships of those with similar sizes and shapes and those with only similar sizes, all other variables being the same.  Those who fail to lend credence to the theory often dismiss it out of hand when all they evaluate is size. It is crucial to scrutinize features first for compatibility and size may or may not be a determining factor.

So, the old adage may be correct, size doesn’t matter.


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