The Art and Science of Faces

christina bloom According to Leonardo Da Vinci, “humans place much weight on the visual aspect of face.”

As one of the greatest observers of physical features in all of history, he should know. And while I am neither a scientist nor a painter, I do know how crucial the face is in determining, explaining and sustaining romantic attraction. In my decade plus exploration of the topic of love and chemistry, my most salient observation has been the importance of similar facial features when seeking a mate. Little did I know when I embarked on my journey about 15 years ago, that there were already several psychologists and evolutionary biologists examining this very phenomenon and conducting tests to demonstrate its accuracy. Academics, however, have tended to circulate their findings only among themselves and I feel it is my role to help disseminate this tremendously valuable information.  People often ask why I am so fixated; why this matters so much to me that I pour through endless studies and countless photos to distill my theory and make is as accessible as possible. And as fun.

My personal interest in this theory was informed by my own experiences and the trials and tribulations in my own love life.  I so wish I had been armed with this information and clarity when I was younger and found myself in relationships with people for whom I had great affection but no great chemistry.  Those relationships are not sustainable, as I found out when I finally met someone with whom I did share similar facial features. The level of passion that accompanies an attraction based on facial similarity is the power behind long term success and I hope as many people as possible fuel their search for love with these invaluable laws of attraction. Intense desire and compatibility do not always generate permanence, as I found out the hard way, but it offers the best opportunities for durability and passion.

The trials and errors in my own love life, and witnessing the successes and failures of so many around me has heightened my commitment to getting my theory out there and ensuring that people pay attention to faces as keenly as did Leonardo Da Vinci.

I have put my theory into a screenplay which is currently in rewrites and I’m hoping that a fun romantic comedy which explores the real life dilemma of searching for meaningful love will invite people to think more critically about the importance of similar facial features when seeking a mate. Until the film is released, however, I use photographs of real and celebrity couples to demonstrate how powerful the face is and what a powerful map it offers us to find our ways to true love.

Couple in Nice, France

Kloe Kardashian and Lamar

Mette-Marit Tjessem Hoiby  and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway


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