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As if finding love were not a hard enough hurdle, society often puts further obstacles in our way. The road to sustainable love is often difficult to navigate and hard to traverse. But it is amazing to see the lengths to which people go to secure that most precious of gifts; the magical combination of abiding love and potent passion.  The sacrifices and risks people take, even the losses they sustain, are testament to the power of connection.  The things that divide people, some imaginary and some very tangible, can often be overcome when the chemistry is so powerful. There are a host of barriers that the most intrepid lovers can bypass in order to meet their coveted mate on the other side.

One such barrier is the prison wall. Despite their criminal convictions, many incarcerated men and women still fall madly in love. But to fall in love with someone who is already serving time, particularly an extended sentence, poses serious and unique challenges. I strongly believe that where similar facial features exist, people are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure that they connect to their facial match.  Even inmates and their partners find deep and passionate love in spite of the time and space that threatens to keep them physically apart for many years.

One woman who married her lover after he was convicted of murder claimed that the potency of their connection was a power greater than them. She asserted the strength of fate in uniting them and keeping them together, despite their circumstances. But, in my view, it was not fate. People tend to believe it is fate but it is actually science at work. The primal urge to be with that familiar face is what generates the strong chemistry that feels like fate and makes people willing to risk everything for that profound feeling.


Then there is the extraordinary story of Michael and Carole Santos, pictured below.  Read what Carole has written about their connection and determination to have a life together despite Michael’s prison sentence.  And look at their faces.

“I was 38-years-old when I fell in love with Michael Santos. My friends and family thought I’d gone crazy. People could not fathom how I could uproot my life to pursue a romance with a prisoner. But I knew I was leaving behind all the craziness that had consumed my life. I found this incredible treasure I had dreamed of, but never believed was possible, yet I had known him all my life. Michael had been in prison for more than 15 years and he expected to serve another ten years when our romance began. During that time, against unimaginable obstacles, he had earned an undergraduate degree from Mercer University and a graduate degree from Hofstra University, and he had just finished initial drafts of his first two book….

Michael and I worked together to create a plan that would allow me to relocate with every administrative transfer his prison sentence brought. At the same time, we needed to create the financial stability that would help him transition into society after nearly 25 years in prison. With his complete support, encouragement, and blessings, I returned to college to pursue nursing. With a nursing degree, I knew that I could find employment in an honorable profession wherever my husband was confined. That prospect encouraged us. With two years of prerequisites to complete before I could begin nursing school, I invested several years in my education.” (From MichaelSantos.net)

Age is another socially created boundary that often needs to be crossed. But when two people share similar facial features, it often does not matter, to them anyway, how many years separate them. They know that they have something rare and special and they will stop at nothing to realize it. Look at these photos of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.


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