Gay or Straight, It’s About Chemistry!

christina bloom

Some may ask does my theory apply to the LGBT community, and I believe wholeheartedly it does! I am amazed at the photos I have collected of same-sex couples over the years.

In fact, because of the gender equality, the similarities are more apparent. Ellen Degeneris and Portia Rossi are a perfect example.
Gay people are programmed for the same sex but fall in love the same way heterosexual couples do – with people who look like themselves. This is further reason I do not understand the unequal status given to the community. I have a gay friend who wanted to kill himself growing up because of the prejudice and bigotry. Eventually, he conquered that fear and allowed himself to be the person he is; he was fortunate enough that his family lovingly accepted him. He has now been with his partner for 19 years: he is more successful in the love department than I am and my government is telling him he cannot get married?
How many presidents got their love lives right? This is absurd! We live in a state meant to be divided from church. I can understand a church stating that it’s not within their religion to accept gay marriages but I cannot understand our government passing judgment on people who want to be in a committed relationship!

I believe gay people are like us struggling to find the right love…… just with the same sex. These photos are clear indicators of couples who are drawn together because of a beautiful evolutionary calling that is probably out of their control.


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One Response to “Gay or Straight, It’s About Chemistry!”

  1. trenton rumsey Says:

    This information is easy to understand and make perfect sense

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