Love at First Sight

christina bloom

Rob Thomas told his wife Marisol he was going to marry her on their first date. George W. Bush said it was love at first sight when he laid eyes on Laura. I recently read a feature article in the New York Times Wedding Section about a 63 year-old women who hired a 63 year-old man to do some design work in her apartment.  When she opened the door, she had the urge to sing “One Enchanted Evening.”  The facial similarities of these couples created incredible feelings of elation and desire.

Long-term relationships are not easy, but shared facial characteristics will enable couples to last the course of a lifetime.  When you meet someone that is your match a sensation of familiarity is present and you feel a sixth sense about the person.  You have a strong feeling that your love will be returned.  This is different than lust.  Lust will carry you for a few months or a couple of years if you truly enjoy each other’s company…but it won’t carry you several years or a lifetime.

Think about Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.  They have chemistry, style

and compatibility.  I consider “style” to mean the expression of persona or the presentation of one’s self.  To give a simplistic example: Brooks Brothers needs Brooks Brothers and Versace wants Versace.  If you find a facial feature match and you can see you have similar style, then your compatibility is the only remaining variable, and that will take time to determine.

The intense, comforting sense of familiarity strengthens any bond. You will feel as if you already know this person, the reason being you have been looking at a version of that face for your whole life: your own!  Again, the initial desire and security do not necessarily mean that the relationship is destined to last.  The most potent ingredients may be present, but compatibility must also prove itself to sustain any long-term love.


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